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This site was originally established for Kevin on Yahoo when Geocities provided free websites.
The nature of the site has changed slightly since it has been moved to the alvindigo family of websites.

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Brought to you

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Dan Haggerty
as Grizzly Adams

To hear Mad Jack tell the story of Grizzly Adams, click on Dan Haggerty's face.
You'll need one minute and fifty-three seconds to hear the whole thing, including
an excerpt of The Theme Song from Grizzly Adams , the song you heard when
you opened this page, performed by Thom Pace. It's a lovely song.
Kevin requested this music for his webpage.
Thank you so much, Kevin, for suggesting this.

On national television, in response to a phone call from Forrest Baskin
of Port Charlotte, Florida, Dan Fogelberg declared this was his favorite
Dan Haggerty song. Click to listen and see a picture of Dan and Kevin.

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