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It would TRULY be a surprise if Tennessee defeats Ole Miss in 2014,
just as it was a surprise in 1969 when the Rebels trounced the Vols.
The GGGGrit shows Ole Miss as a 32-point favorite this year, FWIW.

The GGGGrit condemns gambling. We don't bet. We don't want you to lose your money,
and we encourage you to refrain from betting. No, we don't gamble, but if we did,
we would likely bet the farm that Tennessee would not cover the 16-point spread.
We consider Ole Miss minus 16 to be THE LOCK OF THE YEAR.

The teams most likely to pull off upsets this week are:

Kansas State over Oklahoma
West Virginia over Baylor

But we would not especially consider wins by these teams to be upsets.

Kansas State lost only to Auburn, and only because of a TD-pass dropped in the end zone.
Baylor only defeated TCU last week because of the criminal actions of the officials in the last
minute of the game, on a pass-interference call and a pass-interference non-call. In our opinion,
the other services have Baylor and Oklahoma rated too highly, as compared to their opponents.

We will know after this weekend.