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The Phone Call - Forrest's call to Dan on Nashville Now

Dan Videos - A few of Dan's music videos

Young Dan - a miscellany of pre-Home Free Dan

Substitute site while Ever On was down - during that awful time when we couldn't play on Ever On

First Christmas Morning - an expanded First Christmas Morning Project

Florence Warner sings Dan - covers of a few Dan songs by a lovely lady who used to sing with Dan

The Ranch - Where Dan lived and recorded near Pagosa Springs

Soundstage - Dan's final appearance before Medical Leave

The Actress & The Artist - an early recording, from a Red Herring album

Tori Amos: Song from Half Mountain from Tori's Summer, 2003, concert, Redmond, Washington

`88 Starwood - a magical night, maybe the best concert ever, anywhere, by anyone

The Covers Project - other artist singing Dan, Dan signing other artists

Indigo Girls with Dan LPs - Emily and Amy sang "Wysteria" and "Dancing Shoes" from these albums.

Black & White Photo Gallery - self-explanatory and bordeline interesting Black and White photos

The Shroud - "Strange worlds no one really knows about" - Dan, April, 1985, on Nashville Now

The Secret of the Shroud Revealed - sham trickery of the webmeister revealed

Song of the Sea - one of the many homemade albums floating around out there

Tuesday's Children - superseded site which contained covers of "Wysteria" and "Dancing Shoes"

alvindigo's indigo - Alvin D. Gogh's initial Indigo Girls fan website, featuring the sounds of "Wysteria"

ALVIN! - if anyone can actually decipher anything about this site, please let us know

Grinnin' Grisham's Gridiron Grit - The South's most widely read, copied, imitated and ridiculed homegrown weekly Football Publication

Football Dancing Songs - a great collection of football dancing songs

Dancin' in the District - dedicated to an August, 2003, Indigo Girls concert in Nashville

Bear Bryant - The Most Legendary College Football Coach of All Time, Paul W. Bryant

College Football Bowls - the most expansive exploration of the college bowl scene on the World Wide Web
Florence Warner - a lovely, versatile vocalist from the `70's & `80's - now vanished

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Dan's Videos (Lonely in Love, Go Down Easy, Rhythm of the Rain), courtesy of Yahoo.

Penguin Bat

Abominable Snowman vs. Penguin

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