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Danny Sheridan is been recognized as something special in the field of Prognostication.
I enjoy comparing his lines to mine and to the so-called "Vegas Experts."
After following it all for awhile, one realizes that Danny IS the expert!
Click on the link below to enjoy what Danny offers us.

Danny Sheridan's College Football Page


* Two statistical systems are utilized to
calculate the expected margins of victory. *

The systems are known as "BLUE" and "ELO"
Check them out on the World-Wide-Web:



- an application of the ELO system -

- Sometimes, the systems do not agree as to
which team wins

Gamers would be well-advised
to avoid these games.

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Last month, I was asked by phone how my statistical system works, i.e., what factors went into my calculations. I gave him a brief answer, but, in truth, there is no brief answer. A Statistician would tell you I use an algorithm. True, but as I was developing the system between 1965 and 1972 and as I further tweaked it in years which followed, I didn't know I was employing an algorithm. I would have told you "It's a simple mathematical process which just uses a lot of information."
When I was asked if there was an "algorithm program" online which anyone could use, I said I didn't know. I have since googled it and found this page:

"Free Elo rating system?" Inquiry

Perhaps that's a "no", but it offers something in the "same food group."

Nice day, everyone!

Southeastern Conference Favored in Only One Bowl Game