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Grinnin' Grisham's Gridiron Grit
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Gildan Continues Title Sponsorship of the New Mexico Bowl ESPN and Gildan Activewear Inc. (GIL: TSX, NYSE) announced today an extension to the multi-year title sponsorship which began with the 2011 Gildan New Mexico Bowl. The entitlement of the Gildan New Mexico Bowl remains part of a collegiate agreement reached by ESPN Events, a subsidiary of ESPN, and Gildan, one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of T-shirts, fleece, sport shirts, underwear and socks.

The ninth annual Gildan New Mexico Bowl will kick off at 12:20 p.m. MST (2:20 p.m. EST)
on Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014, at University Stadium in Albuquerque and will be televised nationally on ESPN.

Gildan home page

Gildan New Mexico Bowl

This publication, The Grinnin' Grisham's Gridiron Grit, was first issued in 1965, as a xeroxed newsletter with a mailing circulation of 22 and posted on the employee bulletin board at Ford Glass Plant in Nashville, where the editor was a factory worker. In 1967, after college graduation, the editor's mail circulation increased to 75 and the ratings page was posted on a dozen bulletin boards on Capitol Hill in Nashville. Mail circulation reached its maximum of 202 in 1980 and another 400 copies could be picked up for free at the editor's office. Unlimited circulation was achieved by going online in mid-season, 1997. The G.G.G.Grit published a unique set of ratings, inasmuch as great care was given to attempting to assure that a team would be ranked ahead of a team it had defeated and below a team which had defeated it. To the best of our knowledge, this publication was the first ever to explain how the ratings system worked, to reveal the intricacies of home-field-advantages and rivalry considerations in rankings, and to show specifically how point spreads could be determined. Until Danny Sheridan appeared on the scene with his fantastic percentages against the odds, this publication was the only college football newspaper or telephone service which consistently picked more that 55% against the line, which is required to break even, after the juice.

From 1965 through 1978, the G.G.G.Grit's Final Top Ten was always pure in its ratings, inasmuch as the concept of "a team ahead of a team it had defeated" was adhered to strictly. Any team which had an unjustified blemish, considering home field advantage and disregarding statistical ties, could not be ranked in the Top Ten. With The Advent of Parity, when the number of college scholarships was regulated, it became more difficult to keep the purity of the ratings, but still, with two exceptions, the Top Ten was pure at the end of the year. Last year, the 2007 college football season, was the first truly impossible season, so far as purity of ratings goes, so we did our best to fabricate rankings which at least have some slight semblance of sense.

This year, 2008, marked a return to normalcy with purity of rankings assured throughout, and past, the top ten teams.

Southeastern Conference top teams ..... September 8, 2014 ....... 1. Alabama ....... 2. Auburn ........ 3. Texas A&M ........ 4. LSU ........ 5. Missouri ........ 6. Ole Miss ........ 7. South Carolina ........ 8. Mississippi State ....... 9. Florida ........ and, bringing up the rear, in alphabetical order, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt ......... GO, S.E.C.!!!



Dateline: December 1, 2013

__B.C.S.__ Championship ___Game___

January 6, 2014



We condemn and strongly discourage betting on college football games.

Click on the green/yellow target below for
on games as they are scheduled

If you choose to invest in our advice for this game,
you receive our once-a-week guarantee:
If our investment advice is inaccurate,
you receive a refund of your investment
fee plus ALL investment tips of the
2007 regular season at no cost.

Previous Investment Advice Results
Remember, this is "For Amusement Only".
We were 100% on "INVESTMENTS" for the
2002, 2003 & 2004 Seasons. In 2005,
we were 9-1, and those who purchased
the advice for the one week we missed
received the remainer of the season's
advice ABSOLUTELY FREE. In 2006, our
was 10-2. We missed the pick the 3rd
week, and 50+ lucky investors received
the balance of the year's investments
at no cost. Our composite record since
inception of this FREE policy in 2002?

460-30 = 94%

Has anyone ever done better?

Dateline: October 27, 2007



If you gambled your money away, you have nothing. Gambling does not equate to wise investing. I used to tell my son, "Son, if you want to gamble, don't worry about contacting a bookie. Make it easy on yourself. Take ten one-dollar bills to the bathroom. Raise the commode lid. Hold the dollar bills, one at a time, at arm's length and at eye-level. Let them go, one at a time. Some of them will fall into the commode. Some will float away and land on the floor. After you have dropped all ten, flush the commode. You may pick up the bills on the floor and keep them. You'll wind up with more money than if you had gambled with the ten dollars."

We here at the Grinnin' Grisham's Gridiron Grit enjoy boasting about our incredible ability to pick the outcomes of college football games, against the spread. But we sincerely urge readers: DO NOT GAMBLE! We mean it. Sure, you might make a little money from time to time if you do your research and don't get too greedy, but consider the following: $2,444.00 - If you had bet this amount, beginning in January of 2007, on each of the three LOCKS advertised by the G.G.G.Grit, and after each win had re-invested your winnings in the next lock, you could have tallied your pot into $17,554 by mid-October, 2007. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? But if you had continued with your scheme and bet the entire amount on the third Saturday in October selection (Tennessee +3.5 vs. Alabama), you would have lost everything.

Not wise investing.

Don't gamble.


If we had an uncloudy crystal ball, we'd have all bought gold in 2006; now, most of us are shaking our heads and saying,
"I wish..."

We'd like for you to send us all your spare money in exchange for our giving you our opinion about the future outcome of college football games. But we must give you our best advice. Here it is:

With your disposable income, after expenses, give 10% to charity, put 10% in short-term savings, put 10% in long-term savings, increase your emergency fund by 10%, invest 10% in funds of your choice, and send us half.
Then we'll all be happy.

Don't gamble.


Soon after giving my 8-year-old son the advice against gambling, I was surprised to see him actually standing before an open commode, dropping bills, just as I had advised him. Catching myself before I blurted out, "Don't do that!", I simply walked away. A couple of minutes later, he came into the den, and I asked, "How did the gambling go, son?" He responded, "I have a question."

"O.K. What's the question?"

"Well, I know I get to keep the four that landed on the floor, but what about the two that stuck on the rim?"

Next piece of advice: Keep the commode clean.



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Effective October 1, 2017, if you wish to make a donation using PayPal, you must have a PayPal account
or use a credit card to make a donation using PayPal. If you wish to use our services and have neither a
credit card nor a PayPal account, you may send a check or money order to subscribe to our services.

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Dateline: 2002

How to Use the Rankings

Example: (from 2002)

This week's SEC Pick of the Week
#9 LSU at #11 Arkansas.
11-9=2, so LSU would be a 2-point favorite on a neutral field. The game is played at Arkansas, so we add a 3-point home-field-advantage for the Razorbacks. 3-2=1, so Arkansas should win the game by a point.

CAVEAT: No system is infallible. No system is pure in its mathematical calculations. The GGGGrit developed its system in 1965 and modified it six times until 1976 when the current system was perfected. Still, it is necessary to know the history of rivalries, have current information on weather, injuries and other factors in order to accurately predict the outcome of a contest. From time to time, the GGGGrit will publish specialty predictions which do not conform to the system. Thank you for your time and attention, and please do not use this information for gambling purposes.

~~The information contained herein is for entertainment and news matter only~~
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Dateline: Charts posted, preseason, 2017

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Do not gamble !
Do not bet your hard-earned money on football games or any other game of chance.
Too many babies go without shoes or milk because of irresponsible
parents who gamble away food and clothing money.
Thank you for helping to discourage gambling.

For amusement only

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