Dan Fogelberg, Live!
Drake's Creek Amphitheatre
Hendersonville, Tennessee
June 19, 1974

The week of Fogelberg's concert at Drakes Creek Amphitheatre in Hendersonville, Tennessee, June 19, 1974,
the first-ever scan of the Universal Product Code was performed on a package of Wrigley's gum in Chicago.
Two months prior, Hank Aaron became the all-time home run leader with #715 in Atlanta, on National TV.
Two months later, Richard Milhous Nixon resigned the U. S. Presidency in the wake of the Watergate scandal.
The law offices of Hatcher, Grisham and Underwood opened in Hendersonville, Tennessee, to minimal fanfare.
In May, Melanie Grisham was born and her father's heart became instantly pure in its attitude toward all women.

It was the best of times.