"Pedaspherafriggatriskaidekaphobia" - the fear of football on Friday the 13th


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* Southeastern Conference teams are majority Underdogs in eight bowls, favored in only one bowl *
See our Bowls page and subscribe to our Gritstistics Pages for full details. Be informed!

Click on the "G.G.G.G. BOWL CALENDAR" link (just above) to read the article and details about how
The College Football Playoff Blue-Ribbon Committee
stacked the deck against the Southeastern Conference this year to insure they'd be favored to win
fewer than one-third of its bowl games!!!

How the Committee selected non-SEC winner Alabama to be included in the four-team playoff

Now you know.


The incredibly minor action which cost an SEC Referee his job,
which cost Tennessee a victory and likely Butch Jones his job,
which caused a hushed brouhaha in the SEC Officiating Office,
& which brought great respect to Kentucky's Athletic Director.

October is gone for this year,
but you can still "THINK PINK"!

Click on this link to see NFL Cheerleaders in Santa Suits,
Piriformis Stretching Exercises, and U.S.C. SongGirls!

What if a victorious college football team got to claim all the land of its opponent?
And then the next week, all of that even larger tract was again at stake?
The Imperialism would keep going until the national champ owned almost the entire country.

Click on this link to see the
CFB Imperialism mini-movie

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