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The Final BCS Championship Game
was played on January 6, 2014
in Pasadena, California

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The Potato Salad Bowl, played on January 1, 1957, on the Roane County High School football field in Kingston, Tennessee:

A rag-tag team of boys wearing civvies challenged an organized team decked out in full football uniforms, orange and white, complete with shoulder and hip pads, helmets, and real football shoes. The organized team had won the championship of its four-team league and were ready to crush this upstart, unorganized team. The final score was not 222-0. That was the score of the Georgia Tech - Cumberland College (Lebanon, TN) score.

It was a brisk New Years Day. It was six-man football. The organized team used a four-man line and two-man backfield. We used a two-man line and a four-man backfield, so every player on our team was an eligible receiver. We had never played a game. They had played ten games.

The actual score was 47-7, and Old Brotherwise was the unquestioned star of the team. He scored the first three times he touched the ball, and the father of the organized team's quarterback (who was also the Umpire/referee calling the game) approached our huddle and reasoned with us to make the game more even by not allowing Old Brotherwise to carry the ball again. We accepted the suggestion. Halfway through the game, Old Brotherwise got something in his eye and had to leave the game for one play. Mike Ellis scored on a long run while he was out.

A fairly long discussion ensued after our quarterback, David Carrington, threw a pass to our center, Jim Dake, for a touchdown. It was determined that since our center was uncovered, on the end of the line, he was eligible. My memory fails me as to the names of all the players. The organized team had Mike Ellis at single-wing tailback and David Ellis as fullback. Our team had David Carrington (QB), Art Grisham (Old Brotherwise), Tom Dake, and Jim Dake as four of our six starters. Bob Dake and I were subs, I believe. Barry Hollingsworth practiced with us, but I believe he may have missed the actual game. Hopefully someone with a better memory than I will write in with the names of the other starters.

As they say Down South, "Keep them cards 'n' letters comin' in, folks!"


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2013-14 Bowls

Thirty-five bowls were played in December, 2013, and January, 2014.
Five bowls were decided by three points. No bowls were decided by less than three point.

Gildan New Mexico Bowl: Colorado State 48, Washington State 45

BCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Florida State 34, Auburn 31

Little Caesar's Bowl: Pitt 30, Bowling Green 27

R+L Carriers Bowl: Louisiana Lafayette 24, Tulane 21

GoDaddy Bowl: Arkansas State 23, Ball State 20

The BCS Championship Game was exciting beyond what anyone expected. Florida State scored first with a field goal, 3-0 1st quarter. Auburn scored three TDs to lead 21-3 in the 2nd quarter. With 4:31 remaining in the 4th quarter, the Seminoles took a 27-24 lead, then at the 1:19 mark, the Tigers regained the lead 31-27. With only 13 seconds left on the clock, Florida State scored to make the final tally Florida State 34, Auburn 31. For the first time in recent memory, someone knocked the SEC out of another national championship. Might know it'd be another Southern team.

The Gildan New Mexico Bowl produced 93 points in its three-point affair. Washington State led 14-7 in the first quarter, but Colorado State kept in striking distance, it seemed, until the Cougars scored more than halfway through the final stanza, taking a 15-point lead at 45-30. The Rams came back to score a TD, pulling within eight with fewer than three minutes in the game, 45-37, then, to the amazement of all, scored again and pulled off a two-point conversion, knotting it at 45-all with 33 seconds left in the game. With everyone thinking "Overtime", the Rams had other ideas, kicking the winning 41-yard field goal as time expired, winning the game 48-45.

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