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The Final BCS Championship Game
was played on January 6, 2014
in Pasadena, California


January 12, 2015



We condemn and strongly discourage betting on college football games.


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The above confunction of characters seemed to appear in the guest article below each time the guest author used a comma or an apostrophe.
The GGGGrit word processing staff walked out after not being paid for six years, so I have no one to retype it. As you read it, just
imagine that Old Brotherwise is an educated, even somewhat refined at times, gentleman, and know that it is the Gritsupercomputer,
and not he, who made the apparent character errors. If it interferes with your enjoyment of the article, just retype it
on your own computer, re-read, and enjoy.

Guest Article

Bowls Not Worth Watching


You may totally ignore this email, or you can run it as a guest column in the grit.

Bowl games I will not be watching � and why

1. 12/21/13 @ 1 pm � Gildan New Mexico Bowl � I do not know who or what a Gildan is. Sounds foreign. I will not watch a bunch of foreigners play in an American game. And I don�t know where the game is to be played. I have not watched a single game this year that had Washington State or Colorado State in it.


2. 12/21/13 @ 2:30 pm � Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl � if Fresno State is in it, it�s got to be bad. Never heard of this bowl. Won�t watch it now. Won�t watch it ever. Another waste of time. I will probably go sit in the front yard and watch my grass grow.

3. 12/21/13 @ 4:30 pm � Famous Idaho Potato Bowl � Wow! This is going to be a real feather in the helmets of the winning team. They will get to strut around for a year bragging �We won the Potato Bowl. Two more teams that have not merited a minute of TV time before this Bowl game. Only reason I may watch it is to see if it is as exciting as the famous �Potato Salad Bowl� played on the Roane County High School Football Field on New Year�s Day in the mid or late 1950�s, featuring the Dake and Grisham boys against the rest of the similarly aged male population of Kingston, Tennessee. As I recall the Gris-Dake team won by a score of 222 � 0. Largest margin of victory in the history of football � organized or otherwise.

4. 12/21/13 R+L Carrier�s New Orleans Bowl @ 8 pm� Never heard of this bowl either. Two more teams that do not even own a TV, much less have appeared on one. Think I will go outside and see if my grass grows any faster at night than it does in the daylight.

5. 12/23/13 Beef O�Bradys St Petersburg Bowl @ 1 pm � The best thing about this never-heretofore-heard-of Bowl is that it at least has a manly sounding name. Couldn�t they find two manly teams to play in it? Probably be more interesting if they hired two girl�s teams to match up!

6. 12/26/13 Little Caesar�s Pizza Bowl @5 pm � I will be too busy to watch. I have to go out to get dinner. We are having Little Caesar�s Pizza. On further reflection, I will probably get a Papa John�s Pizza. If I get a Little Caesar�s it will just give them more money to sponsor another meaningless, non-descript bowl match-up between two mediocre teams. I think I will try to catch some re-runs of Papa John�s ads, featuring an easy banter between Papa and Peyton � undoubtedly more entertaining than the Bowl will be

7. 12/26/13 Poinsettia Bowl @8:30 � A sissy sounding bowl between two sissy teams

8. 12/27/13 Texas Bowl @ 5 � Does anyone really care if Minnesota beats Syracuse or vice versa???

9. 12/28/13 New Era Pinstripe Bowl @ 11 am � even though my niece matriculated from Rutgers, and even though �Scarlet Knights� is a good, manly sounding name, I will not watch this bowl just because of its name. Where the �H___� did this come from?

10. 12/28/13 Belk Bowl @ 2:20 pm � What? Am I going to spend time watching a game named for a department store? Why are these two teams in a bowl game for crying out loud. I would be crying out loud for spending time watching this mess

11. 12/30/13 Bell Helicopter Bowl @ 1045 am � I will not watch even the BCS championship for a bowl game that begins at an un-footballish time of 1045 am. No self-respecting team would play in a game with a kickoff earlier than 1 pm eastern time. 1045 am is cartoon time � this game will be a matchup between cartoon characters.

12. 1/1/14 Heart of Dallas Bowl @ 11 am � see # 11, above. If they are going to play on New Year�s Day � at least get two football teams that sound like they are from real football schools. I would watch UT v Arkansas � two teams that suck � but at least have football traditions and sound like football schools

13. 1/5/14 GoDaddy Bowl @ 9 pm. Anybody that watches this pitiful match-up obviously has a football-addiction problem and needs to check into a residential twelve-step program

Have a nice day and thanks to the Editor of the Grit for sharing this entertaining football bowl grid (no pun intended)

Respectfully submitted,

Old Brotherwise

LETTERS (emails) to the EDITOR

12/11/13 - Subject: inadvertent omission of Vols' game in bowl calendar

"About the bowl calendar?! Are the Volunteers of Tennessee playing in the Fiesta Bowl this year? Please send me a copy."

Dr. Wm. D.

Editor's reply:Thank you, Bill, for pointing out an omission. I have located an ad for the Vols in the Fiesta Bowl and herewith including it.Thank you again. --- (private email sent to contributor with ad showing Tennessee playing the Seminoles in the BCS championship game)


12/13/13 - Grittos from East Nashville - O Brotherwise hit it on the head. I'll be watching the 12/30 bowls and some of the following ones, but there's no place for most of these pathetic matchups. I hate the Yankees and won't watch the Pinstripe Bowl. Congress hasn't done anything for years. Maybe they can abolish some of these time-wasters.

Nashville Ned


12/13/13 - Grittos. Give me ten good bowl games for the top twenty teams established by the reliable non-biased computer rankings. Trash the rest of em. Wait - they're trash already.

Jack I.


12/13/13 - Grittos.

Tom & Jeff


12/14/13 - Grittos from the Great State of Florida where some teams are still good. Keep up the good work.

Giovanni (JNT)


12/14/13- "Sissy"?

I have followed this website since 2007 and, despite its jovial nature, have found it to generally be the most accurate of all the services offered online. The bowl season is better because of this service. As to the guest article by Old Brotherwise, I generally agree. The Editor has for years condemned the shameful "rewarding" of what is supposed to be a reward for a season well-played to a team with a 6-6, 7-5, or 8-5 record of mediocrity. I went to Utah State before transferring to Hawaii to surf and play football. I realize the guest article was in jest, but to call Utah State and Northern Illinois "sissy" schools may be the worst mischaracterization I have ever read on the net. In actuality, if there were a list compiled of the ten Most Macho schools, both teams would no doubt be in it. In reality, the Poinsettia is, as classified by biologists, one of the "Most Masculine Power Flowers". What's sissy? Utah State's nickname "Aggies" or Navy color? Northern Illinois nickname "Huskies" or red and black colors? I think not. Having written all that, I agree that the Poinsettia Bowl is one of the ones which should not exist, but aren't there a lot of fans out there who loved to see an unranked 8-5 Utah State team defeat a 12-1 Northern Illinois team which had been way way way over-ranked all season? Utah State never trailed. Did either of them deserved a real Division I bowl game? Probably not. But "sissy"? Come on, man.

Tavis L.


12/14/13 - "Gaudier"?

You classified your calendar as "gaudier". I'm surprised at an English major using this term instead of "more gaudy". I guess I can tell you attended U.T. after all. It is no doubt the busiest calendar of any sort I have ever seen. I had to get my scissors and cut out each square, then tape them to a Poster Board so I could see it. You've finally one-upped Boise State's blue football field with this calendar.

Good work, but get your Harbrace out for a review before you unleash next year's bowl calendar on us. OK?

Bill B.
Longtime Subscriber

Editor's Reply: I thought of you in the seconds following 'Bama's missed field goal against Auburn. Good luck against Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. I thought "gaudier" was a word. Maybe not. As you pointed out, I attended U.T., and I guess it's just not the Bastion of Academia that your alma mater Alabama is. "Bear" with me.


12/16/13 - Bill B's "gaudier" letter

Gaudier is a word. Most people understand it. Maybe "Garish" would be a better tag for that calendar. Outageous colors, obtrusively bright and showy, etc., but maybe not gaudy, which I understand to mean tasteless. The calendar is not tasteless.

My wife and I are raising our 14 month old granddaughter. She likes to taste things. I posted the Grit Bowl Calendar on the refrigerator. She pulled it down and ate the lower right fifth of the calendar. My wife asked her: "How does it taste?"

"Like chicken."

Giovanni M. (Johnny No-Thumbs)


12/18/2013 - To Old Brotherwise:

If I were you, I believe I would write my
Bowls Not Worth Watching article to a football site who wasn't too cheap@$$ to hire somebody to fix their computer program so foreign characters didn't appear all over my article. I knew the Editor for years and his penchant for aggressive Yellow Journalism. IMHO, Grinnin' Grisham is jealous of your fine article and put these irritative characters randomly throughout to discourage us from reading anything he didn't think of himself. He's like that.

I agree with everything you wrote and think your article deserves better treatment.

Yankin' Hank (The Hillbilly)


12/28/13 - What is a Gildan?

An associate directed me to your site. Most interesting and varied. Your picks seem to be quite accurate.

Responding to the guest article by Mr. Brotherwise, you didn't know what a Gildan was and said it sounded foreign. The company was founded 30 years ago in Canada as a textile business to make children's clothing for needy children. As so often happens, by helping people who needed it, the riches came back to us and we were able to expand greatly over the years into a general textile industry giant, and we hope we have further contributed to humanity by sponsoring a fine college bowl. By now, you know your prediction of "BOOORING" was anything but accurate. With three minutes left, Colorado State trailed 45-37, then scored a TD and converted a 2-pointer with less than a minute to go. Instead of the overtime game which appeared to ensue, C. St. was able to hustle and score a dramatic lengthy field goal as time expired. The 48-45 ending may be the most exciting post-season game to date.

We are a new bowl. Everyone must start somewhere. We hope we can pull off the same kind of growth as our next-door neighbor Arizona did with its Fiesta Bowl in 1959.

Greg C.


1/1/14 - More Bowl-arrangement Complaints

As an SEC fan who likes to watch SEC teams in bowl games, I am beyond irritated with today's lineup which has the SEC's 4th, 5th, and 7th place teams playing Big Ten teams during the same time period.

South Carolina, with the SEC's 4th-best record, plays the Big Ten Leaders 2nd place team Wisconsin at 1:00 Eastern.

LSU, with the SEC's 5th-best record, plays the Big Ten Legends 2nd place team (tied) Iowa at the same time.

Georgia, with the SEC's 7th-best record, plays the other Big Ten Legends 2nd place team (tied) Nebraska an hour earlier, noon Eastern.

This means that I'm robbed of enjoying these games, which could have easily been scheduled during a time period occupied by one of these worthless post-season games which was detailed in the guest editorial. WTF's going on here? I'm so mad about this that I feel sorry for my family and my dog today. I had whisky for breakfast and will be too drunk to enjoy the granpa of em all, the Rosy Bowl. Damn I'm mad.

Charlie F.
Mad in Madisonville


From the Editorial Staff:

Acknowlegement to all of you who wrote thanking the GGGGrit for the annual calendar. You're welcome. The Editorial Staff of the GGGGrit appreciates the time each of you took to send the email. Glad you all enjoyed or were amused by it. I doubt that any of you got anymore out of it than we did.

January 1, 2014 addendum


Thanks again to all for a another successful season. For those of you who have followed the mathematical calculations, you may realize that at this point, we have our best bowl-game percentage ever, but, to quote former U.T. Coach Dooley, we're into Big Boy Football now, and the odds don't always hold true after the New Year.

A Special Thanks to Old Brotherwise for his fine article giving a fresh breath of air to the long-running line of the Grinnin' Grisham's Gridiron Grit, condemning the powers-who-be for allowing such a shameful array of mediocrity to precede honorable bowl games.

We especially enjoyed the reference to The Potato Salad Bowl, played on January 1, 1957, on the Roane County High School football field in Kingston, Tennessee.

A rag-tag team of boys wearing civvies challenged an organized team decked out in full football uniforms, orange and white, complete with shoulder and hip pads, helmets, and real football shoes. The organized team had won the championship of its four-team league and were ready to crush this upstart, unorganized team. The final score was not 222-0. That was the score of the Georgia Tech - Cumberland College (Lebanon, TN) score.

It was a brisk New Years Day. It was six-man football. The organized team used a four-man line and two-man backfield. We used a two-man line and a four-man backfield, so every player on our team was an eligible receiver. We had never played a game. They had played ten games.

The actual score was 47-7, and Old Brotherwise was the unquestioned star of the team. He scored the first three times he touched the ball, and the father of the organized team's quarterback (who was also the Umpire/referee calling the game) approached our huddle and reasoned with us to make the game more even by not allowing Old Brotherwise to carry the ball again. We accepted the suggestion. Halfway through the game, Old Brotherwise got something in his eye and had to leave the game for one play. Mike Ellis scored on a long run while he was out.

A fairly long discussion ensued after our quarterback, David Carrington, threw a pass to our center, Jim Dake, for a touchdown. It was determined that since our center was uncovered, on the end of the line, he was eligible. My memory fails me as to the names of all the players. The organized team had Mike Ellis at single-wing tailback and David Ellis as fullback. Our team had David Carrington (QB), Art Grisham (Old Brotherwise), Tom Dake, and Jim Dake as four of our six starters. Bob Dake and I were subs, I believe. Barry Hollingsworth practiced with us, but I believe he may have missed the actual game. Hopefully someone with a better memory than I will write in with the names of the other starters.

As they say Down South, "Keep them cards 'n' letters comin' in, folks!"


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2013-14 Bowls

Thirty-five bowls were played in December, 2013, and January, 2014.
Five bowls were decided by three points. No bowls were decided by less than three point.

Gildan New Mexico Bowl: Colorado State 48, Washington State 45

BCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Florida State 34, Auburn 31

Little Caesar's Bowl: Pitt 30, Bowling Green 27

R+L Carriers Bowl: Louisiana Lafayette 24, Tulane 21

GoDaddy Bowl: Arkansas State 23, Ball State 20

The BCS Championship Game was exciting beyond what anyone expected. Florida State scored first with a field goal, 3-0 1st quarter. Auburn scored three TDs to lead 21-3 in the 2nd quarter. With 4:31 remaining in the 4th quarter, the Seminoles took a 27-24 lead, then at the 1:19 mark, the Tigers regained the lead 31-27. With only 13 seconds left on the clock, Florida State scored to make the final tally Florida State 34, Auburn 31. For the first time in recent memory, someone knocked the SEC out of another national championship. Might know it'd be another Southern team.

The Gildan New Mexico Bowl produced 93 points in its three-point affair. Washington State led 14-7 in the first quarter, but Colorado State kept in striking distance, it seemed, until the Cougars scored more than halfway through the final stanza, taking a 15-point lead at 45-30. The Rams came back to score a TD, pulling within eight with fewer than three minutes in the game, 45-37, then, to the amazement of all, scored again and pulled off a two-point conversion, knotting it at 45-all with 33 seconds left in the game. With everyone thinking "Overtime", the Rams had other ideas, kicking the winning 41-yard field goal as time expired, winning the game 48-45.

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