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The Nashville Network, April 3, 1985
Nashville Now Guest Host: Jimmy Buffett
Marshall Chapman, John D. Loudermilk, Dan Fogelberg

The Phone Call
from Forrest Mankin, Port Charlotte, Florida

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My First
Fogelberg Concert Ticket

This is what Dan looked like back when most of us were introduced to him in the `70's. First time I saw him, I thought he looked like he wanted to overthrow the U. S. Government. In retrospect, I think he did want that. I think he and his friends have, in some respects, been successful in a long, quiet revolution in this country.

The Campaign for President Musicians Group

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Clue #1: In April, 1985, Jimmy Buffet guest-hosted a TNN television show called "Nashville Now." During the course of the show, a trivia question was asked, and the winner received a pair of pale chlorine-green Acme Boots. The question pertained to two Californians, one an entertainer, one a politician, appearing together on the cover of Time Magazine. These two persons are the central figures in the photo.

New Photo!

We all know that this is Dan with Joe Walsh and Linda Ronstadt,
but can anyone tell us when and where it was taken? It appears
to be about the time of Nether Lands, but what event?

Dan's Most Popular
Bootleg Concert Video

The Innocent Age Tour
Houston, Texas, 1981

Another Convert!
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The Biggest Kevin Alexander Fan of them all!
(He always smiles that way when
"Kingston Springs Kevin" is near.)

Kevin's amazing homepage

Kevin's tribute website

Kevin's favorite sports site

To the Precious Little Girl
Who Always Danced
Like No One Was Watching

and to the
who defeated the

Maine Man Dan at Isle au Haut
(Dan's website photo, May,`03)

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Dan Fogelberg

The Albums Alphabetized Songlist Biography
River of Souls A Journey of Spirit The Fogelberg Page

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1- A Tribute to Dan's talent and generosity,
2- Four-min. "Gambler" in concert video clip,
3- Hour-long telephone interview with Dan,
4- Wilderness Society's "Cry in the Forest",
5- 1-hour Nicolette Larson Memorial Tribute,
6- Other super artists and great sites

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