Last Week 15-1=93.75%


and a feature from last week,
just to show you how we did

Last week's Pick: Alabama 15 over Tennessee

Final Score: Alabama 34, Tennessee 20

Previous Week: GGGGritpick=Ole Miss over Tennessee by 32

Final Actual Margin: Ole Miss over Tennessee by 31

Not right on it -
one point off final actual margin for two consecutive weeks

The only national service with a closer pick was the Sagarin Average at 14.03,
only 3/100ths of a point from the final margin! Congratulations, Jeff!


Letter of the Week

Yes, I knew I had some broken links. I don't know how someone would contact me if they don't have my email
or if they don't send me something via PayPal. Your four-page letter about you visit to Todos Santos is published
on the page which plays the song "Todos Santos", since I thought it would be more relevant there.

Here is a link to that page.

This link is NOT broken:

Special Spanish Edition
Edicion Espanol Especial

and thank you for one of the most entertaining and informative Letters to the GGGGrit in its long history.


The Picks of the Six Experts
will be published here before noon Friday

expert picks

Don't bet. Don't gamble. Don't lose your money.


On Election Day

Please take time to VOTE


If Uncle Sam wants us to
laugh, by gum, let's laugh.

Grinnin' Grisham's Gridiron Grit
had, as of the present date, the most accurate preseason
ratings of any national system. We're not surprised. You shouldn't be.

GGGGrit: no one else even comes close.

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